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Ubuntu: Because of Them, Because of You

  UBUNTU [ ū·BHŪNT’·ū ]: n (Zulu) An African philosophy often translated: “I am, because we are.” This simple but profound phrase was adopted as a mantra of sorts for Team World Vision this year. When I heard it, I couldn’t think of a better way to describe 2020. There is little I could say about the “pandemic year” that hasn’t been said already, or at least felt or experienced by anyone I might be speaking to. The aches and pains, frustrations and anxieties of the past year are somehow astoundingly universal and intensely personal all at once. But I might have some license to speak to how this idea of ubuntu – community as identity – stirred in me these past twelve months. I sit here writing on the anniversary of the weekend my town completely shut down, as the severity of the outbreak could no longer be ignored. I had already committed to running Hood to Coast (a 200-mile team relay in Oregon), and was soon to commit to the Chicago Marathon as well, oblivious to the looming reality